The “In Between” and Beyond: Abundance

As we have been DOing and connecting to Gold and Silver a transformation has been occurring…. clearly. I personally feel the huge transformation in the collective and on this planet. So as we are in this transition , what do we do in the meantime with this 3D perspective around abundance still moving around? We DO the same thing we are DOing with Gold and Silver, to this 3D money. Some of us feel that our vibration is no longer a match to this Money and how it is used… we are more a match to ABUNDANCE, WHICH IS LOVE WHICH IS US WHICH IS GOLD SILVER..

.WE ARE ALL ONE. ..Some are working on shifting their vibration to the state of being of Abundance and still feel connected to this 3D reality of Money. We have the power to transform it, change its vibration and change our perspective and our vibration around it.

For the past few days I have been setting the intention to infuse ALL 3D money with the Flower Of Life and Love. To raise the vibration of Money. I have always looked at money and said that word “money” with a hint of fear. I have been shying away from it recently , not feeling a match to it…, with the attitude of not wanting to be a part of it. But it can be transformed into something beautiful. It is the SAME thing as what we are DOing with Gold. As I started adding this work into my meditation I realized how big this is. That this will help with the Gold and Silver. It is all the SAME, ONE. This will help with this entire process in a bigger way. Sometimes looking at the “clean up” that needs to be done and all the lower vibrations that are moving out, it feels big. If we take what we have right in front of us and DO and BE and co create, Abundance will take over. Abundance is not separate from us. We have always perceived it as Money. Abundance is much bigger, it IS us, it IS source, it IS love… We can receive this abundance from ourselves, we already ARE Abundance.Money, (I capitalize Money because it is the name of magnificent beings of love), has been used with fear and low vibrations. We can change them at any time! Well what if Money was experiencing its own “amnesia” from being in this fear based reality?? What if Money, like everything other being has the potential to exist and create from love?? Money does!

I started thinking of Money as a friend. I took a 5 dollar bill, felt the tinge of negative energy.. moved through it and started talking. I saw Money as a friend who had been mistreated and misunderstood. I infused it with the Flower of life and Love… I raised the vibration of the Money and I could feel its heart beating in joy… Money had NO IDEA they were blinded from who they truly were. Now they have the power to fulfill their purpose. I then started speaking to ALL Money. Awaking them from there slumber. Visualizing them all and feeling ABUNDANCE AND LOVE. I set the intention everyday that once their vibration is raised, NOTHING can lower it or sway it. No matter where they go, they offer a higher vibration.. they offer love and the true energy of Abundance to every single solitary being it comes across. Their purpose is to bring Abundance to all… and they couldnt be happier truly BEing in their purpose, without lack and fear. Now I ask the magnificent beings of Abundance to come into my existence and help me to get the things I need while still here in this 3D reality…they are a part of this shift.

When I went grocery shopping I told them “lets go play”, its what they desire, to share and co-create. I also infused my debit card with the flower of life. When I was at the market I looked at all the signs of “prices” and instead I saw my friends instead of my enemy. I have been working on not saying “buy, pay, spend etc” instead I have been saying Share or co create. When I “shared” at the checkout i visualized Money in joy moving towards the next person sharing their love and vibration with them.

I do not feel afraid of Money anymore.. its shifting and its only been a few days. Think about if we all change our perspective!! WOAH!! The energy of Money to me feels like a balance between these joyful silly fairy like beings combined with magnificent power and love.. which is abundance. I feel like they have my back, almost… they are looking out for me… they are with me, we are together. In that, there can never be lack.
Today I went to the bank to withdraw my rent Money. When I went inside I spoke to Money (in my head ;P) and infused them all again. Then when Money was put into my hands this HUGE energy rushed through me.. I almost cried. It was love, it was Abundance.. it felt like .. i was so happy to be with the energy of my friends… not ONE part of me thought the old way… which I had a chuckle about afterwards. “wow i just felt something amazing when i put this Money in my wallet, and it wasnt the energy of “now im safe because i have money”.. it was the energy of true Abundance , it felt like me, it felt like source.

One thing I started to come across was, okay im working on Money, now the issue is not feeling negative when dealing with my phone company, bills etc.. the Beings that still see Money as the old way… but since the vibration of Money can never be altered again… I talked to Money and ask that wherever it is, …. whether is be a bank, corporation, someones home/pocket, store…. wherever they are to continue to BE them. They will continue their purpose and vibrate Abundance and Love for all. After that I called my phone company for an “issue”.. and I made friends with the girl on the phone. Thanks Money.

Yesterday in my meditation, my guides showed me what is happening… its working, the energy is SO BEAUTIFUL. I have asked for assistance from my guides in helping to infuse and transform all 3D money. This reality feels different already. So I invite you to talk to Money, send them the Flower of life which will cleanse them and infuse them with love… raise their vibration and add this practice into every habit around Money. NURTURE THEM, They want to nurture you. You will start to naturally feel high vibrations about Money. On the radio the word Money was mentioned and I , not even thinking, called out.. “hey Money, my buddies!! I love you guys yay!! ” I was so surprised I said out loud.. “woah i cant believe i just said that” . Its happening. Now im sitting here with Money, they are hanging out with me on my coffee table instead of in my wallet.. because in my wallet i cant feel their vibration of love as strongly!! haha. Honestly… i know its a lot to wrap your head around… but Money is not “money” anymore. I see them as something completely different. Yes, it takes a little practice and time, and reminding…but its only been a few days for me and I will continue to stay conscious and change my perspective. It helps me to talk out loud to Money from a place of love, “hey guys! i love you!” when I do that I remember my new perspective and vibration I have created and come out of the illusion of what it was. It the same thing we do making sure we stay on our conscious path…keep remembering who we truly are.
I am not using them, Im creating with them. And there are so many to play with.
I decided in instead of using the money $ symbol.. to use the heart ❤ symbol. So for my next Ascension Gathering (Remembering Who You Are), Each person will have a suggested sharing of <310.00 beings of love and abundance! haha. I know woah!

I put together an image to help:
My natural visualization was Money with a purple Flower of Life with a light pink glow surrounding it…, purple representing the energy of the Violet Flame, and Pink for LOVE. How would you feel if your Money looked like this and their vibration was so beautiful and powerful that you feel the grace of there presence and the grace of who you are, because you are ONE: THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!

❤ Jenna