We’ve been working with the gold for some time now. My first experience when I went with IN to meet the gold was feeling the joy the gold was expressing for being recognized and acknowledged as a living BE’ing. I could feel the freedom in that joy. I knew we were relating in the frequency of love. I could feel that the gold was a high vibration being and that we as a collective needed to meet the gold from the higher vibration of our eternal hearts. In that experience the gold and I became one.
This experience has helped me to realize that this is the relationship we are seeking with everything starting with ourselves. This is the relationship that we can create with everything. That’s what the new world is. It’s the day to day, moment to moment experience of relating from our eternal hearts.
Jenna’s post about money is a wonderful example.When we are fully anchored in 5D there will be no effort in this but until then it is a conscious practice. It’s choosing to relate from there. It’s being mindful of when we are not, and becoming the observer. It’s starts withIN. Awareness is remembering who we really are as Eternal BE’ings in each moment. That is true mindfulness. Not just focusing on what is in front of you ,but remembering who you really are as you do.
When my sister Pamela, who will also be posting on this blog, and I get together every week and share reiki we receive information. Pamela has seen that through the focused work of many we have created a grid between everyone’s Eternal Heart. The grid has become golden from the work with the gold. They have shown us that the crystalline grid surrounding the planet is now gold and offering golden droplets for our use within the Eternal Heart grid. We are powerful creators who have often times created by default. If we become conscious creators by moving withIN to our Eternal Hearts and meeting each other  there we will create the new world in the “twinkling of a eye” as Heather from OPPT loves to say. Start practicing! Connect to the Eternal Heart of the trees, your plants and stones,your animals, anything. Everything is energy. Go withIN. You will find the place where you remember that you are Source energy.
My next post will offer more information about how to step into some of these practices.
We’ll keep posting information, meditations and tools to move into BE’ing and DO’ing Love in each moment. Enjoy the journey.
With Love from my Eternal Heart, Claudia