“Which Paradigm am I being and doing from”?

How? How is the number one question. How do we DO, how do we BE? How do we free ourselves from this Fear Based Reality that we have been conditioned to? How do I see past the veil and all the illusions and lies?  How do I see my Eternal Heart?
The truth is, we all know HOW, we just forgot. It is simpler then we think. Everything we have ever needed has been right there for us, within. It feels hard to figure out only because we are asking HOW from the structure and belief systems of the Fear Based Reality we have been existing in.  We have been blinded and told that nothing exists outside of this reality. To understand the HOW, I think it helps to understand what has happened and why and how we have forgotten. Well lets look at this 3D Reality, and what I call “The Fear Based Reality”.
We have been conditioned in a Fear Based Reality, a Fear Based Paradigm, a False System that was set up with the illusion that it is all there is. Because of the conditioning, we have disconnected from our Eternal Hearts/Source and forgotten who we truly are. We came into this reality and “They” told us how to do and be. But everything they told us about how to do and be was based on them wanting control and power over us. Everything has been controlled with fear. We all know the “Book Of Rules”. We all know what do to here,.. the shoulds, the shouldnts, the wouldnts , the couldnts, and the HOW… we all know the set up and we believe it and follow the rules because we are afraid to step outside of them and because we have been conditioned so well and forgotten. We don’t even know there is an outside to step into.  We truly don’t even realize anything is wrong and tackle issues with the tools that have been given to us by “them”. So we never really see where the truth could lie.
When we came in, someone said “here you go here are all the rules, here is what’s good and bad, this is how you prove your self worth, this is how you create happiness for yourself.”… (I could go on and on).  From all those rules we created belief systems within us. These belief systems create fear based mechanisms, behaviors and habits and systems within our beings (physical, emotional, mental, etheric etc) that keep us in this fear based reality. Everything we think, speak and do has been a vibration and structure from the fear based paradigm. All these belief systems, mechanisms, behaviors and habits build up, meld together and create this fear based voice in our head, THE EGO. This voice has been created from all the fears and negative vibrations we have created in this reality. This voice drives us. We create from the mind of this voice. I cannot tell you what the true history of our existence in this reality is. But I will say that I believe there has been purpose in this duality and contrast and I personally have come to a place within me where I feel compassion for the beings that volunteered to be the negative contrast in this reality.  It must not have been easy to make that choice. We ALL have an Eternal Heart.
NOW there are moments that we have where we experience something else, something that.. well it seems “no one can quite explain”. These moments, energies, vibrations, we experience is us connecting to who we truly are. Eternal Hearts/Source/God. No matter how many lies we have been told or how much fear has been infused,.. LOVE, SOURCE, OUR ETERNAL HEARTS, are more powerful then fear could EVER be. Even though “they” did a GREAT job blinding us, you can never truly, fully hide the truth that we are all source/god energy co-creating together with the universe. Even through this Fear Based Reality, our Eternal Hearts can NEVER be eliminated, just hidden. The Universe and the Law of Attraction has been there the entire time. We manifest all the time but we are manifesting from a Fear Based Paradigm. So the things we manifest come about in the way that we believe they will from the guidelines we have been taught. So these moments of intense love, joy, bliss, peace, abundance are when we are connecting to who we truly are, Source. Abundance is not separate from us, it is not just money, Abundance is who we are as magnificent powerful beings of love, peace, joy etc. We are Abundant beings with everything we need within us.
Imagine what is would be like if we remembered everything. The ways of doing and being would be much different. If  when we are connecting unconsciously to who we truly are we end up creating miracles, manifesting in the “twinkling of an eye” , and feeling such joy and love,… then imagine if we CONSCIOUSLY created from that place. The “Book Of Rules” that was handed to you would not fit into this new structure. The disconnect to who we truly are creates a hole within us, a feeling of something missing. Sure we have created some great material items here in this Fear Based structure that help fill that hole. But nothing of material can replace the Eternal Heart. We want and desire so strongly to connect to who we truly are, the desire can not be stopped. Every being reacts to this in different ways. Some create addictions, some search and search, some feel lost, some don’t even know there is something they are searching for and allow themselves to feel content in the set up in this reality. But we all have habits and behaviors that are a reaction to us feeling the disconnect. We are told how to create happiness for ourselves here and it is based around  fear, money, working to the bone, proving your self worth , so on and so on. When we don’t do it the way they told us we should be, we create GUILT. So some beings , as long as they are following the rules they don’t feel the guilt and therefore consider themselves to be happy. But we don’t remember what “happy” truly feels like. Its much bigger, its PURE BLISS. NOW, TRUE DOing and BEing is about connecting to the Eternal Heart space within us, BEing in that and then DOing from that space. Right now, we are in a huge Paradigm shift on this planet. The old is moving out and the new is moving in. We are raising our vibrations and remembering who we truly are. Its time to BE and DO from our Eternal Hearts. Its time for FREEDOM.
So how do we start to disconnect from the old structure and bring in the new one? Well you start on your conscious path. Imagine you came in to this life as a shiny white brand new car. Then all of the fear and traumas and negative energy came in and created dirt and you keep driving and driving and never clean your car. ITS TIME TO CLEAN YOUR CAR. You can’t even see out the windshield and you don’t remember what it feels like to be clean. You have some vines on the car from fear build up which is causing you to drive slower. I cannot see your shiny white body, BUT I KNOW ITS THERE, IT NEVER LEFT!) Its time for all the junk to go. So start cleaning the layers, and as you clean keep resting and nurturing yourself. Keep fueling up with love.
If I asked you tell me the opposite of sad, you would say happy right? Then go into the fear based belief systems within you and thoughts, habits and words you are speaking and start replacing them with the opposite. Make two categories, “FEAR/LOVE” or “NEGATIVE/POSITIVE”. Start to put things into those categories. When u speak notice… “oh I am speaking from a fear place, that means it from old paradigm”. Then allow it to wash away and then choose LOVE. Change your words and your thought to something that makes you feel joy and freedom. THAT IS NEW PARADIGM. THAT IS WHERE TO CREATE AND DO AND BE FROM. WHENEVER YOU FEEL LOVE, JOY, FREEDOM, PEACE… YOU ARE VIBRATING HIGHER AND CAN CREATE ALL YOUR HEARTS DESIRES FROM THAT PLACE. FEAR DOES NOT EXIST IN THAT PLACE. The new paradigm, the new world, who we truly are and have just forgotten IS love, joy, bliss, abundance, peace, magnificence beyond your wildest dreams, you are FREE to DO and BE  from your Eternal Heart, all of this IS source IS you, we are all one. There is nothing to try for, sacrifice for, struggle for, fear, lack.. all of those were created from this old paradigm (FBR). When you look at all the rules of this Fear Based structure and start asking yourself what the truth is…. you will become awake to who you truly are. You will notice what is old paradigm and what is new and then be able to make a choice. Even if you cant quite imagine what the new world looks like or  even what “who we truly are” looks like, feels like etc.. you will start to shift things by choosing the positive, love. Answers will unfold with the “twinkling of an eye”! Just remember, with our trained brains we cant imagine, from being in this 3D experience, what 5D  would look like. All we need to know is that its PURE LOVE AND JOY.
Go even further than just asking yourself : “Being on a conscious path, how can I create happiness for myself so I can be happy in this structure, this Fear Based Reality?” GO BIGGER , SET YOUR SIGHTS HIGHER! Your not cleaning all the junk so you can continue participating in this Fear Based Reality. Its so you can create a new one for yourself that is based from LOVE. Since now you know there are so many more magical things to create than what has been laid out for you in front of your eyes, be open to the options and possibilities of the magic that is truly out there. Don’t limit yourself. DREAM, DO, BE, ABUNDANCE!  The time has come to ask yourself “Which Paradigm am I doing and being from?” Am I doing and being, or am I DOing and BEing?!!”
Now go look within, look at you, look at your heart, see and feel the I AM. Then BE and DO from there. You are FREE so allow yourself to BE FREE.  You are a magnificent BEing, beautiful Eternal Heart.
❤ Jenna