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Heather’s Thoughts On The Keshe Post


Keshe: New Era

[9:56:13 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: ok…what agenda and the intent do the vehicles, the words, make visible?…energy can be traced back to the source of embodiment that is magnetically drawing it by their own frequency…we have corporations that have been operating under the guise of the people’s goverments…owned by the PTW…where would Keshe like us to take them?  You want a different result then change the formula.  The people and all embodiments of eternal essence are peaceful in their natural state.  Who has been altering and hiding that natural state that we BE?  Who has been actively paying energy into creating states contrary to peaceful states of BE’ing? Corporations are a vehicle, a fiction.  Religions are harvesting tools that are based on one or a few having “access” to eternal essence…what DO they DO now that every one has in their conscious that they are eternal essence?

“To achieve peace one has to find the essential causes of conflicts, then to go further one has to eradicate the roots of the problems so that these conflicts never occur again and everlasting peace in the mind, the home, the city, the nation, the planet and in the universe can be maintained.”

To achive peace one just has to BE their natural peaceful state of eternal essence.  You DO what you BE.  What you focus on and pay energy into, draws more energy magnetically and increases it.   I have two choices:  First choice…DO I pay energy into increasing my natural peaceful state of BE’ing eternal essence? Or second choice…DO I pay energy into the problems that were artificially created by the few who knew the power of BE’ing eternal essence so they created complex systems, conflicts and events to distract me from paying energy into BE’ing eternal essence?  I DO choose the first choice because it resonates within me, creating and DO’ing in peaceful and loving frequencies are within me and under my power to disburse as I choose, and in DO’ing so it affects and solves the issues presented in the second choice.

The Absolute Truth regarding how the hidden agendas are actually great tools within the Absolute Plan to get all the players in their places for the final curtain call before the last act is being revealed now…by DO’ing…by paying energy into the NOW…into BE’ing the natural peaceful state of eternal essence that we BE.  Any one can DO it…if they have the intent, desire, and all that they DO is focused and paid into creating that.

Absolute love, peace and gratitude to Keshe and all that he DOES in prepping the stage