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As you guys have probably noticed, I don’t post “channellings” usually.  This is a choice I made way back when I first started RTS.  Now, because I don’t post them doesn’t mean that I don’t read them.  I know that many people think that they are bunk ramblings of crazy people, but the fact  is that they actually contain a lot of important information- even if it’s only to see what the “wizards” and  so called “divines” are up to.

I have been following Shelden’s messages for a long time because I know that they really do originate with the Galactics- or at least, with the Galactics that are involved with certain “divine” wanna bes and the military here on Earth.  Take note of that, because not all the Galactics (for lack of a better term) are involved in these actions or with these groups.

I am posting this information because it’s an important piece of the puzzle.  The time has come for OPEN discussion. I sent a message up through my contacts to the Pleiadian faction three galactics to open the door to fully transparent discussions.  Their non-response was a lead up to this weeks message from Shelden.

To quote Heather:  I do NOT consent!!

To our Galactic brothers and sisters:  Open discussion is the only option. Face to face, in full transparency with Absolute data on the table.  In the past week other groups have come forward to arrange meetings, and if you wish to move forward, then you will do the same.

NOW is the time of  FULL Transparency and ABSOLUTE Data. The Experiment is over and the time of everyone bumbling around the stage blindfolded is at an end.  If you wish to  move forward with everyone here on this lovely blue planet, then you will meet with us as EQUALS and we will all share our knowledge with each other in the open with complete transparency.  Anything less than that is not acceptable.

We are ALL ETERNAL ESSENCE EMBODIED- You are, We are, and even those that you try to cast into damnation are.  We are EQUAL in all things. There is no hierarchy among EQUALS, There is no lesser or greater.  There is no higher or lower. Your own people are figuring that out.

I send this message with Love.