Hey Everyone! WOW, I know it has been a while since our last post, about a month I think…. all I can say is WOAH!! For us, this moment of now has been about retreating into some major DOing.  If you have stayed tuned in to American Kabuki, Removing The Shackles and the OPPT Blogtalk radio shows, then you know the crew is in Morocco. Claudia (mom), Pam (aunt) and I may be meeting them at some point. We are at a tipping point for sure. We will fill you in at the perfect moment of now of everything that has been going on. D and AK will be recording what they are DOing in Morocco to update everyone. Right when it was time for us to get into the intensity of our DOing, my computer started to not work. Perfect actually, It helped me go inward. Lets just say it has been a crash course in dissolving limits! I feel I am at the point of peeking my head out of my space of hibernation, but not quite ready to come out yet… a day or two feels good… to allow things to balance. There is much more to DO, but we are about to enter a new phase of the DOing. Get ready. LOVE LOVE LOVE. ABSENT LIMITS. For my first day of peeking my head out, I want to share with you a post from my Beautiful Musical Goddess friend Eileen… The Songs that I AM.  Enjoy!  love you. ❤

❤ Jenna