Heather Tucci Jarraf & Chris Hales Discuss UCC, CVAC & I/UV Exchange

Heather Tucci Jarraf & Chris Hales Discuss UCC, CVAC & I/UV Exchange

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Heather Tucci Jarraf & Chris Hales Discuss UCC, CVAC & I/UV Exchange
April 22, 2013

This exchange just took place a few minutes ago in a Skype chat and I thought it to be well worth sharing.


Chris Hales:<<< My current conclusion is that the UCC filings done by the trust are still active and apply globally but that the operations of the UCC have been put into “permanent suspension” so no further UCC filings may take place.

H: correct

‎11‎:‎49‎ ‎AM

Chris Hales:<<< AK stated in his blog that the Universal Exchange replaced the OPPT. To me the UV Exchange is the treasury for the CVAC System, or whatever is developed, not a complete replacement for the CVAC System concept.

Chris, if one is intent on PAY’ing energy into transition from old to new, 3D to whatever D, etc…..are they still paying energy into the old? I am not attached to the old…I move quickly through tools for the purpose of not permitting the tools to become a crutch or a distraction while the conscious is perceived as arriving where it all ways IS….eternal essence…that IS Absolute Truth…all that IS, BE eternal essence with a a cloak program, so to speak. Remove the cloak, and you see, know and experience what IS. You are responsible for your embodiment, Chris. Assisting other embodiments to assist them Self…great…beautiful…PAY energy into what IS…if you PAY energy into the formula of having one foot in what isn’t and one foot in what IS, what result DO you get? what result DO you create?

everything was essentially reversed engineered, if you will, back to where it originated from in ABSOLUTE PRIME FIRST SOURCE (I am watching eternal essence work through its embodiments to expose the roles those embodiments played…the remaining embodiments that eternal essence is NOW exposing, DID NOT go back to ABSOLUTE PRIME FIRST SOURCE in their purported positions/titles/claims…they conveniently go back with data only far enough to support that their positions, titles, claims exist and are implemented)….ABSOLUTE TRUTH? Here is the current status of eternal essence conscious re-awakening in embodiments:

PRINCIPAL: Eternal essence is all that IS…all that IS, BE eternal essence embodied, I (various forms of embodiment, but there IS only one conscious, eternal essence conscious and that is revealing NOW)VALUE: energy IS THE VALUE, the currency of the embodiments of eternal essence, to create/manifest representations of Self for experiencing Self (formerly hidden and stolen by use of primarily monetary representations, but also by use of hierarchies, titles, religions, etc.)…the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of what IS…THE VALUE…is revealing NOW…it is even being revealed by those who desire that it not be revealed for their continued control and they only realize they have revealed AFTER they have done it….the example of what just occurred with Michael Dunn, Keenan, Malik Hughes, Adnan, and the purported Qing Dynasty/SWISSINDO matters is a great example of visibility that is still revealing. (chuckle)

GOVERNANCE/DELIVERY/FLOW OF VALUE: CVAC system was a bridge tool used to illuminate and contrast former systems while simultaneiously re-introducing ABSOLUTE PRINCIPAL and VALUE in preparation for eternal essence embodied and DO’ing eternal essence….the I system and UV Exchange are a graduated bridge tool from the CVAC system bridge tool…all embodiments are awakening and DO’ing eternal essence…absent any bridge tools currently existing or available

Re-read this with heart after you read it with your mind (heart)

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Removing The Shackles: Words To Inspire

Words to inspire

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I want to share with you some awesome words that have been sent to me over the last few days.Heather:  It has begun….BE very conscious of all you BE and DO…

Imagine the last scenes of THE LAST AVATAR where he is standing on the Water Village’s fortress wall and raising THE tsunami wave up and gracefully hanging over the war ships…to show the power that IS…and then after a bit peacefully closing the wave back down…THAT IS WHERE THE MOMENT IS IN THE NOW CROSSROAD

more later….I have a few things to DO.

D: BE VERY CONSCIOUS OF ALL THAT YOU BE AND DO!!!!Remember that thoughts are energy and a creative force.  What do you focus on?  Where do you give your energy?

“You must be the Change you wish to see in the world”….. has the highest of meaning right now!
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I M POWER- Guided Meditation by Pam Maldonado, Outro music- Jenna Lavoie, Video- American Kabuki

I M POWER- Guided Meditation by Pam Maldonado, Outro music- Jenna Lavoie, Video- American Kabuki

This meditation Auntie Pam created is absolutely amazing. Close your eyes, let go and BE. There is a little outro music of a song I wrote put in at the end. Thank you to AK for putting everything into such a beautiful video!! ❤ ❤ -Jenna


Removing The Shackles: Realizing & Rolling Out Our Value – NOW.

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This was posted in the RTS skype room last night by Grant.   So awesome!

Realizing & Rolling Out Our Value – NOW.

On the last OPPT-IN call http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2013/04/01/oppt-in  at about 1:25, Bob Wright made it clear that proven, working, replicating technology exists here now – in Patented machine form, with working prototypes.

The CRITICAL thing he ALSO said was that once a human uses that replicating machine, which was reverse engineered from human DNA, then they REMEMBER how to do it without the machine – in ONLY 15 minutes.

I have no reason to doubt Bob in this. I know, that he knows, that we know, that he is now operating in unlimited liability and 100% responsibility.

So this means that we do NOT, need to be waiting to get these devices out to the marketplace via conventional means, we do NOT need to be waiting for representations of value to be made available to manufacture these things & “money” to distribute them etc.

ALL we need is to get ONE person on the planet in front of one of those machines for ONLY 15 minutes, (& get them out safely). That’s it!

OR have one of those people who have already done so – to come forward.

This could be rolled out across the planet, literally across the planet, in 24 hours.